Eight Easy Steps to Writing Short Stories

Take the guessing out of writing short fiction

Learn a unique method to go all the way from Title to “The End”


Not sure how to approach writing a short story? Ever feel like you’re taking blind stabs at it? Is it down to you and the blank page, and the blank page is winning? Don’t struggle alone. This step-by-step course is just for you.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What makes a short story powerful and how to harness that to your advantage
  • How to come up with endless story ideas or use the ones you already have
  • How to develop interesting characters and interactions
  • How to follow your characters all the way to a satisfying ending
  • How to self-edit your work and prepare it for publication

With 62 minutes of video containing 12 lessons and 8 missions, we’ve got you covered throughout the creative process. Enroll now and let’s get started!

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About This Course

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Hatch your cast of characters for the story, even if you have no idea what you’ll be writing about. Your characters will guide you!



Learn how to dig into your cast of characters for some drama and action.



Every story has to make an impact, not only on the reader but also on the lead character. How do we build up to that?



What makes your story location a goldmine of ideas and details? Find out in this module.



Let’s get down to the real business! What makes a good story opening, and how can you craft one for your story?



Unlike with novels, you’ll cut through the middle like a flash of lightning. Learn two techniques that will help you write a credible, tight point of view.



Tie up those loose ends! All your hard work is coming to a head and you’re this close to finishing.



Edit yourself like a pro. Take your story seven steps forward towards becoming a polished submission to a magazine.

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8 reviews for Eight Easy Steps to Writing Short Stories

  1. Shanice Grimes (verified owner)

    I just finished my short story. What a rush! There are many methods for writing a story, but this one is original and fun and simple. Thanks!

  2. Kristy Perkins (verified owner)

    A fantastic way to write flash fiction! It was a good method. I got a little lost writing the middle, but I’m also really used to particular outlining methods. I especially liked the emphasis on character transformation!

  3. Jean Rogers (verified owner)

    Great step by step to writing a short story. Wish I had had this when I wrote one for my first writing competition!

  4. Sherry Rector (verified owner)

    Simple, easy to understand, and good for beginners.

  5. Cynthia Clinton (verified owner)

    This was a great course to help me formulate a story and follow it to its natural end. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. Elizabeth Levesque (verified owner)

    Very well laid out.

  7. Sara Grim (verified owner)

    This course was very organized and easy to understand to clearly know how to write a flash fiction story. Thanks for the PDFs and for the interesting narration done by Mimi.

  8. Barbara Workman (verified owner)

    Great course! The eight steps in the course truly are easy as the title says. After following all the steps I have a completed 1,000 word flash fiction story ready for submission!

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